Pop duo CUT_ release ‘Not Addicted To You’ a single from their upcoming debut album.

A moody track that quickly gets the attention of its listeners, the duo secluded theirselves in the countryside to focus on creating layered, entrancing beats and emotional filled lyrics. The result is a song filled with pain but a melody that is influenced by hip hop and pop to create a light, dynamic track. The track centres around being able to step back and let go from a toxic relationship, building around the mantra – I’m not addicted to you.

“Until now I’ve always wanted to refrain from autobiographical stories but I felt it was ready to show the world a different side to us. I went through a rough time, as we all do sometimes. Naturally the most intimate thoughts came out forming the core of the songs. It felt great to have such an outlet. I’ve always been touched when people come up to me and tell me that my music and words helped them. It’s one of the reasons I need to make music. By showing this vulnerable side I hope I can support people emotionally and show them they’re not alone.” — CUT_

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