Cub Sport are kicking off a huge North American tour next week, and just ahead of all the mayhem they’ve decided to let us know that they have a brand new album on the way, while also giving us a nice little teaser!

This heartfelt crooner is called ‘Sometimes’, and it also comes with a Brittney Scott directed music video which stars main-man Tim Nelson, and on which he explains;

“On the afternoon that I wrote and recorded the song, I was out on a run listening to it back. When the chorus kicked in I had these visuals of lights and rapid motion come to mind which made me think of Madonna’s Ray Of Light. The aesthetic, performance and editing in that video have always stayed with me – the energy is palpable and so intense! Sometimes gives me that same feeling, like it’s brimming with energy, so I wanted the accompanying video to be an homage to that but imbued with a serene Cub Sport vibe.”

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