Formally operating under the moniker of FlapoBogota native Charlie Crown steps out with this brand new project in huge fashion with his debut single ‘Loner’, that sees Hyara enthral us on the vocal front which results in an emphatic release that fans of What So Not would get right around.

Crown sets an eerie scenery as ‘Loner’ begins through the usage of light samples, set as the building blocks for which the rest of the instrumentation rises from. With the implementation of lively synths, a brooding bass line and delicate percussion, these elements set the scene for the heavenly vocals of Hyara to truly capture the raw emotion that lies in the track which crescendo into an energetic drop full of colour and drive.

In ‘Loner’, we see a showcase into the technical ability of Charlie Crown through the mastery of several production techniques that ultimately heighten the depth that lies in the track, which is the perfect starting point for this exciting new project.

Stream/Buy: Born Creative
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