Southern Californian rap prodigy Aries continues his rapid ascendency across the world with the release of the laidback hip hop track ‘Racecar’ that brings forth real grit and vigour in a condensed 2 minute 37 second tale of self-realisation regarding the lack of enjoyment a person may have within their own life.

‘Racecar’ begins with an ominous feeling presented in the air, echoed further through the sampled vocals and eeriness in the instrumentation before the effortless harmonised vocals depict the dampened lyrical content through an unenthusiastic approach. With a laid-back influence in the trap influenced percussion, Aries utilises the minimal instrumentation compiled to provide an impressive contrast of effortless and forceful delivery within his melodies that significantly heighten the intensity in the piece without complicating the overall feel.

The accompanying video, directed by Aries in partnership with Mattias Russo-Larsson and Matthew Norton echoes the differing shades of colour that lie within the core of the piece whilst maintaining serious attitude and anguish. Beginning with an animated sequence of choosing Aries with his race car, the visuals showcase various displays of brightness and darkness in the backdrops, ensuring that the playfulness of the young rapper is not compromised.

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