‘Over & Out’ is the newest single hatched from the mind of Sydney-based producer Jessica Nitties, known by her music as Sparrows. Nesting a plethora of percussive elements and delivering punctual, fluttering lines, it’s not hard to see why she adopted the name of an ethereal feathered friend, but ‘Over & Out’ is all but fowl; there is little tame about the tribal-esque beat that propels the song from start to finish, and an innate impulse to sing and dance characterise the chorus as Nitties cries: “Where did you go? I’m calling off the party. Been searching for too long.”

But the party is just getting started. Throbbing base, impeccable vocal treatment, and a well paced progression make ‘Over & Out’ a huge jam that’s easy to get around, but don’t take my word for it.

Buy/Stream: Stoney Roads Records

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