If you’ve been to an ODESZA live show in recent times, chances are you would have heard an emphatic banger and have scrolled through the world-wide web to get your hands on it. Finally, that wait is over as the Seattle production duo have given fans what they’ve been begging for in the anthemic offering of ‘Loyal’.

The brigade of sound that surrounds ‘Loyal’ ascends through the initial siren signalling for the marching band influence to reign supreme, which acts as the pillar of strength within the construction of the piece. ODESZA implement significant force in ‘Loyal’ as compared to other tracks within their album ‘A Moment Apart’, notably through the trap influenced percussion combining with the menacing bass line that climaxes into a heavy display of electronic production throughout the drop. Through the usage of menacing arpeggiated synths partnering with the echoed chanted vocal, ODESZA create significant depth in their mix that results in one of their most emphatic releases to date – ensuring fans are well and truly hungry for the next live show!

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One thought on “ODESZA – ‘Loyal’

  1. Jay Bird says:

    haha was not expecting this from odesza at all but its seriously dope

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