With feature syncs in iPhone X, Beats Headphones & New Balance commercials, LA based producer NVDES continues his assertion across 2018 with the release of ‘Mind Body Soul Music’, which features a highly energetic music video being the first of an eleven-video series in the lead up to the upcoming debut album ‘Vibe City Utah’.

‘Mind Body Soul Music’ from the word go begins with a high-energy vibe that is transcended through the driving percussion and the distorted high and low elements that grab your attention and hook you in immediately, leading into the infectiously contagious melody of ‘Mind Body Soul Music’ that crescendos into the hypnotising chorus full of charisma in the bass line and captivation within the intensified screeches.

The accompanying music video endeavours to maintain the high octane in the track through the usage of character Flockey [Otscor] as the centre piece of the visuals. As the track progresses and rises throughout its duration, the visuals match these shifts through clever choreographed dance brackets that highlight colourful sceneries that are sure to captivate your eyes.

Check out the video for ‘Mind Body Soul Music’ below, and keep an eye out for NVDES‘ debut album ‘Vibe City Utah’ on November 2nd.

Stream / Buy via: NVDES
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