French artist Petit Biscuit released a pretty impressive debut album in 2017 called ‘Presence’, which put this young producer on a fast-paced track to fame & fortune, and before he gets too far out of our reach we thought we’d ask how & where it all began.

He’s also heading Down Under this month for Listen Out festival plus a few sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney, so the timing couldn’t be any better really!

“The first thing to know is that I was born in a digital era, where YouTube (at the beginning) was already the simplest way to discover some music. Despite that I love talking about CD and vinyl because it puts music into a physical thing, out of a specific time. My parents had a huge collection of CD and vinyl, with all sorts of genre: classical music, rock, punk, pop, and electronic music. When I was young, we were going to Morocco by car every year and the ritual was to bring hundreds of CD’s during this 2 day trip, and that was a constant fight with my brother!

Back to the subject, the first physical CD I bought by myself was the first artist in the universe I fell in love with. I was already a grown-up child when I discovered Black Sands by Bonobo randomly on Soundcloud. I’ve understood for the first time the meaning of buying a CD to show your support to an artist you really like, and that was the first time I’ve listened to an album from beginning to end. It also gives me the desire to buy some more physical objects – especially vinyls -, sometimes just because, in addition to the music, there’s a huge work on the art thing. More than buying CD and vinyl, that’s the most visible way to show and assume your musical tastes.

I love Bonobo’s universe because it brings me back to my first feels as a musician: I usually love that string ensemble which is one of the best ways to provide emotions for me. On top of this, the electronic beats and some deep textures he adds bring a lot of freshness into his productions. Also, as an electronic producer, I’m impressed by producers like him or M83 (another Frenchy!!) who are always evolving and integrating themselves into the different eras they’re crossing, as well as keeping their own touch.” – Petit Biscuit

Let’s jump back to 2010 with the soothing electronic sounds of Bonobo’s ‘Black Sands’, and then we may as well give Petit Biscuit’s debut another spin or two!

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