Professing an honest ode of appreciation for one’s true love, Toronto R&B artist Mickey Blue lays all his feelings on the line with latest release ‘Grateful’. Enlisting the expertise of Benstar on productions duties with a Janet Jackson sampled groove, ‘Grateful’ acts as the ultimate podium for the mastery of Mickey Blue’s melodies to entrance us all with an admiring awe.

‘Grateful’ begins with an injection of ambiance and echoed melodies from Blue, which lead to the implementation of sharp percussion that pierces through the mix. We notice that as the verses pull back some of the force within, Mickey Blue utilises some clever counter melodies and harmonies to solidify the appreciation he has for his significant other. These momentary passages of reprieve soon transfer into the intensified choruses whereby the vigour in the instrumentation is matched to perfection with the vocals displays of Blue, which lay out pure emotion across the soundscape and leave us all entranced wanting more and more.

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