Depicting a gripping tale of distress and romance with an uplifting soundscape, English singer-songwriter Kovic and rising Chilean producer Sistek team up for ‘Blame’ that’ll be entranced into your memory for long after it finishes.

‘Blame’ begins with a Caribbean feel in the plucks combining with the playful chopped vocal samples that lure us in with much intrigue before the lush vocals of Kovic enter the arena. Sistek arranges the rise of intensity with perfect levels of subtly in the deep percussion and a rich sounding piano, adding an imposing layer to an already impressive composition. It is within the pre-chorus where Kovic lays it all on the line with an outpour of passion in the melody ‘I’ll take the blame if you ever want to love again’, showcasing elements of a powerful mid-range and an enchanting falsetto that perfectly pulls you in and allows Sistek to take you on a majestic journey full of colour and playfulness.

‘Blame’ is off Kovic’s debut album ‘Running Underwater’ which is out now.

Stream & Buy: Blame
Kovic: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify
Sistek: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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