Brooklyn based producer JNTHN STEIN lays down copious amounts of swagger with his second release of 2018 in ‘Driving’, enlisting UK trip hop trio The Age of L.U.N.A on the vocal front with charismatic results.

‘Driving’ begins with the colourful keys jumping around in the mix, combining with the commanding percussion that becomes the catalyst in driving the RnB influence through the track. These elements lay down the core foundation for the effortless vocals to stand on top of, and are only strengthened further with the subtle use of harmonies and echoed effects that bounce across your speakers. STEIN matches the rises in intensity created through The Age of L.U.N.A’s offerings with understated moments as we progress, such as the utilisation of the electrified bass that maintain the electronic force in the core of ‘Driving’.

All these elements cohesively work together to lead into a momentary burst of sound in the latter part of ‘Driving’, which is led in through a playful melody in the keys and the rising echoed vocal. Once we arrive at this section we see the production chops of JNTHN STEIN on display, whereby the synths explode into the mix but do not overcomplicate the overall composition and maintain the restrained nature of the track.

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