Following on from the acclaimed success of single ‘S.O.S’ which amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify, JAMO teams up once again with YOUNGSOUL for the insatiably grovvy ‘Losing Touch’ – a track that throws up various elements of disco, funk and electro that results in a contagious groove that is quite hard to ignore!

The track comes from humble beginnings at first with an atmospheric soundscape with limited to percussion that allows the charismatic vocals of YOUNGSOUL to incept the narrative into the mix. ‘Losing Touch’ injects the grooving elements almost instantly through the colourful guitars cleverly utilising the wah pedal, as well as the brightness in the keys that leads to a throwback to the disco era full of concise percussion that provides an uplifting take on the lyrical content of losing touch with oneself.

‘Losing Touch’ is out now via OneLove.

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