Following on from an impressive 2017 which saw feature singles ‘Older Now’ and ‘These Days’ collect over 1 million and 2 million streams respectively on Spotify, UK producer & DJ James Carter continues his surge forward with the culturally inspired ‘Hands In The Fire’ (featuring Nevve on vocals), an uplifting dance track with plenty of buoyancy to go around.

Beginning with an injection of atmospheric ambiance, Carter immediately showcases the core fundamental of the Indian influence within the guitars that prove to be a catalyst to the duration of the track. With this recurring melody switching between the guitars and sampled vocals, this element along with the polished keys create a dynamic foundation for the enchanting vocals of Nevve to lure us in with an effortless display that provides a lightness to the soundscape.

‘Hands In The Fire’ intensifies itself subtly with the implementation of the percussion that builds with the rising claps to an explosion of the aforementioned guitar riff as well as mallets counteracting, resulting in an impressive display of production techniques to truly captivate the listener.

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