After reaching #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral chart, as well as working alongside the likes of Timbaland and Boi-1da, Canadian alternative/R&B outfit Honors serve up a brooding narrative to those who feel disregarded in society with ‘Feel Better’, the first taste of their upcoming debut album.

The track begins with much suspense through the sparsity in the sampled vocals, complementing the ominous bass that layers a thick fog across the soundscape. This sets the foundations just right for the effortlessly crisp vocals to enchant the listener immensely. Honors beautifully build the intensity without overbearing the mix through a subtly in the driving bass line that leads to an climactic point, signalling a shift in force that is made evident through a persistent percussion that cohesively combines with the infectious melody ‘I feel better when I’m broken, I feel better when I’m lonely, I feel better with no money’.

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