Fresh off signing with powerhouse label Foreign Family Collective, young producer ford. Continues to go from strength to strength with his latest two-track offering ‘Craving/Dusk’ that delves deeper into the world of ambient electronic music with impressive results.

Ford begins the two-track offering through the magnetic ‘Craving’ that entices immediately with the softening sound palate behind the alluring melodies of Sarah Du. Ford builds the intensity within the track with an injection of trap influence in the percussion as well as the darkened bassline creating a layer of gloom in the soundscape, which is offset in the chorus through the manipulating of vocal samples to provide a nice change of pace throughout.

‘Dusk’ continues the ambient wavelength of the release, but mixes things up with a grooving hip/hop influenced percussion and a brooding bassline that sets the foundations for the restrained keys to wobble in and out of the mix. Sonically, ford showcases a maturity well beyond his years with the ability of creating the visual concepts for listeners through the sampled elements of rain that captivate immensely.

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