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Joining beloved French electronic acts such as Kavinsky, M83, and Daft Punk, Breakbot found notoriety in 2006 — then just a solo operation headed by producer Thibaut Berlan — with a remix of Justice’s ‘Let There Be Light’. Breakbot took flight when Thibaut was joined by Irfane in the production of Breakbot’s 2010 EP, and their first release under Ed Banger records, ‘Baby I’m Yours’. Eight years later, Breakbot celebrates the release of their seventh EP, ‘Another You’, and it is easy as ever to hear why the two-man act is lauded as one of France’s best electronic music exports.

With just 3 original cuts and a remix by Yuksek, ‘Another You’ is as curt as it is electrifying. The EP begins with its namesake: a jam so sensuously groovy that it deserved its own single release and ecstasy-fueled music video. No stranger to collaborating with Breakbot, Ruckazoid lays down some smooth vocals, which according to the video’s description, merge with the awesome production power of Breakbot to form the identity of a cosmic pimp known as Breakazoid “who distributes his love to humans by taking them across the galaxy on the planet love”… seriously, just watch the video.

In the wake of this euphoric wave, a chorus of harmonized voices spontaneously dives into the funky bass line of the the next track; ‘Devotion’ is a cathartic dance tune that finds brilliance in its own simplicity. Dynamic and modulation effects wash over repetitive rhythms, keeping an otherwise mechanical track fresh for nearly five funky minutes. As the song progresses, new ear candy — synths, guitars and hi-hats — join the mix to deliver a huge sugar rush. By the slim chance your sweet tooth isn’t satiated by the end of this jam, make sure to stick around; the next tune, ‘Don’t Stop the Dance’, channels the vitality of Daft Punk and Nile Rogers into an infectious disco groove, but the icing on the cake is still to follow. French DJ and producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson, known on stage as Yuksek, treats ‘Devotion’ to a far out remix; it sounds as if Busson hosts and extraterrestrial orgy with Poolside, Todd Terje, and Breakazoid… the production is out of this world, and it’s impossible not to join in.

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