Serving up an uplifting sound palate with an emotionally bearing lyrical content all about being on your own, LA producer Bohkeh brings forth the bubbly ‘Childish’ that is sure to get right up in the infectious groove contained within.

Bohkeh incepts ‘Childish’ through the core fundamentals of the track being on display early in the piece via the wobbly brass sounds and crisp percussion that provide the foundations for the smooth vocal delivery to stand on top which deliver the empathetic message of enjoying your own company every now and then. This builds into quite the colourful chorus passage full of harmonised synths and emphatic percussion that drives the EDM influence home with significant positivity spread across the mix.

The accompanying video exemplifies the message of enjoying one’s own company. Throughout the duration of the clip we see Bohkeh in various scenic changes and activities whilst simply enjoying having fun on his own, which matches second by second both the emotion and positivity spread in the piece.

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