On a classic cold winters night in Melbourne, electronic producer Golden Features brought plenty of fire to a sold-out Forum Theatre full of deep house and pulsating bass that transcended across every punter with impeccable results.

Walking into the packed Forum Theatre, at first glance to the stage it was clear that this was going to be an intensified outing that the rising producer had arranged for all to see. This was made evident through the church styled stage set up which featured several candles surrounding Golden Features’ raised control panel that was a definite visual pleaser. After much anticipation building through an emphatic introduction that was incepted with an alluring lighting and candle show, the set kicked off in style with the enigmatic ‘Always’. With the distorted vocals being proclaimed from all, Golden Features had the crowd in the palm of his hands instantly and ensured through the mammoth percussion and bass combination that everyone’s dancing shoes could be utilised effectively.

Continuing with a strong presence of entrancing stage production, ‘Do You?’ acted as the perfect podium for the tactical use of strobe lighting and obscure visuals to further strengthen the central theme of darkness in the pivotal crescendo of the track. With its strong deep house influence, ‘Do You?’ bridged beautifully to the acclaimed lead single from his debut album ‘SECT’ in ‘Falling Out’. The mastery of the track was matched with a captivating forest backdrop that became warped during moments of the track, but it was the crowd interaction within the choruses that saw the Forum Theatre erupt in a mass appreciation for Golden Features.

As the colour palate of the night progressively became darker as time carried on, Golden Features maintained this central focus with elaborate imagery partnered with vibrant lighting becoming more and more prevalent in the midpoint of the set. This was integrated into the set through the utilisation of imagery such as the rotating full moon graphic being coupled with forceful lighting that matched the intensity in the bass and percussion which transferred into the passion shown from the crowd. These production techniques helped lead the path to the midpoint of the set whereby hit track ‘No One’ pierced through the speakers and the catchy vocals of Thelma Plum were recited word for word. This was then followed up with a moment of reprieve with the minimal ‘Woodcut’ entering the arena whilst maintaining the overall groove that had been put in place throughout the night, before bringing it back up almost instantly with ‘Everything’ that quickly transported everyone back to the fast-paced nature in the buzzing choruses.

If you hadn’t fully lost yourself in the heaviness that had been presented within the set, Golden Features ensured that punters got their money’s worth in the final section of the night through saving the most powerful tracks till last. This period kicked off with the forceful ‘Medicate’, a track full of drive and movement that infectiously carried into the crowd during the chorus dance brackets. Golden Features then moved into the crowd favourite of the night ‘Guillotine’ that blended with perfection from the previous track and carried significant power in the bass that blew the roof off the venue.

This build in strength continued its momentum forward in the set list as Golden Features was rounding out the night with the addition of yet another highlight from the debut album in ‘Worship’. Fans were left captivated within the magnetic track full of colour throughout the mix, with a contagious clap making its way across the whole venue that was quite the spectacle for all involved. After the crowd demanded more from Golden Features with the encore seeing out the night with the trap/RnB influenced ‘Telescope’, surrounded in a transferrable half time groove in the percussion and mesmerising melodies that signalled an overall mastery in the EDM realm for the young producer.

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