Off the back of his recent single ‘comoverto…’, New York City producer warner case returns with a big, summery, house­y treat called ‘good time’, featuring the silky smooth vocals of fellow NYC artist Zak Downtown, and it is sure to give you all a very good time.

warner case wrote ‘good time’ one day while hanging out in his apartment with his cats. He felt the energy and the groove was so on-point with what he was trying to achieve, and he couldn’t have been happier with what he was hearing.

“I love how the vibe, melody, and lyrics all point to one thing: having a good time, plain and simple. Often in music (and Art in general), we get so entrenched in deep symbolism that we forget to just let loose and write something that feels good and makes us happy. Hopefully others will experience the same thing when listening to it.” – warner case

He just need some mad vocals to go with it now, and Zak’s voice was the first to come to mind after coincidently bumping into him a few days earlier. He sent the track over for Zak and within a few days he’d sent back some vocals that hit the vibe perfectly. There was so much swagger and the energy that it all just made sense together.

“I like writing to all styles of production from house to trap to soulful, whatever. I can tell if something is going to work from the second I hear it. And right when I opened up the beat from WC I heard this line/melody in my head “all around the world they gon feel this” because that’s what the beat does to you. Something that makes you realize life is good and you don’t need money to be happy.” – Zak Downtown

Los Angeles fans can catch warner case doing a few live residency shows each night this week at Mayfair Hotel, which includes an official single launch party with special guest Zak Downtown.

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Upcoming Shows:
Thursdsday, August 23 – Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles
Friday, August 24 – Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles (w/special guest Spencer Ludwig)
Saturday, August 25 – Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles (w/special guest Zak Downtown)

Stream & Buy via: warner case

Artist Connect:
warner case: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Zak Downtown: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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