Fresh off an impressive 2017 with feature single ‘Disappear’ achieving over 100,000 streams on Spotify, London’s Silk Cinema bring forth a shimmering groove in ‘Golden’ – a track that delves into the emotional world of saying farewell through swimming in electronic pop influence.

‘Golden’ begins in charismatic fashion through chopped vocal samples playfully thrown around, combining with the hats and claps in the percussion that act as a solid foundation for the synths to slowly rise above to lead into the enchanting vocals. It is here we see the infectious groove come forth in the smooth bassline that counteracts the sentiment in the vocals ‘You were my saviour’, providing a positive outlook on a distressing topic. Once we hit the chorus we see a lift in intensity courtesy of the bright synths stabbing in and out of the mix, combining with the gloomy bassline to drive the emotional context home.

What intrigues us within ‘Golden’ is the subtle utilisation of the restrained guitar melody hidden in the chorus. Through this, we see Silk Cinema ensure the groove is maintained throughout the duration of the track whilst maintaining a central electronic focus, which the London act achieve with ease.


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