Well this is exciting news – Matthew Dear will be releasing a brand new album in October called ‘Bunny’, and today we get to immerse ourselves in TWO more of its tracks, the seven-minute monster ‘Bunny’s Dream’ and its shorter counter-part, ‘Echo’.

I say “more” above because he released two very awesome tracks last year called ‘Modafinil Blues‘ and ‘Bad Ones‘ (this one featuring Tegan and Sara) which will also be seen on ‘Bunny’, and I tell you what, if these four tracks are anything to go by we sure are in for quite a treat!

“I make music for people who like my music. There is something I’ve come to love about my career. I really can do whatever I want. So long as I feel it’s the best use of time, or yields results that translate into good music later.” – Matthew Dear 

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