Zambia-born / UK-based producer laxcity will be releasing his debut album very soon, and this week he is giving us another little taste with the gorgeously dreamy sounds of ‘Heartbeat’. 

He’s teamed up with UK songstress Nakala for her angelic vocal sounds, and they do fit so perfectly well against the minimalistic instrumental backdrop as they explore themes of longing, lust, and the turbulence of romance. 

“Heartbeat was an instrumental i started January 9th 2017, it was a track i didn’t really see potential in at first. But after sending it to Nakala months later and going through about 4 different versions, we finally concluded with this one! I am eternally grateful to Nakala for giving me hope in my LP <3” – laxcity

Stream / Buy via: Majestic Casual Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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