Here’s a little something to chill out to this week. ‘Daylight’ is the latest ep from UK producer edapollo, featuring a gorgeously dreamy four-track collection of tunes that will easily sooth the soul, and leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

This is contemporary meditation music at its finest – don’t be surprised if you hear these songs soundtracking your next Yoga session!

“I recently travelled to Sri Lanka and took a lot of musical inspiration from the trip. Whilst I was there I did a lot of field recordings, capturing the varied ambient sounds of the places I visited. The EP is therefore sprinkled subtly with these sounds and it helped form a meaningful narrative for the release, taking me back to the places, memories and acting as a reminder to myself to always appreciate the daylight, something which you sometimes forget when you’re cooped up in a studio for hours on end!” – edapollo

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