Dutch duo DROELOE will be releasing their second ep ‘The Choices We Face’ next week, and to get us all a little bit excited this week they are giving us this little teaser.

‘Looking Back’ was actually one of the first songs the boys ever wrote together, and it all started before they even met…

“For some weird reason we’ve never met before and we just started talking and it inspired us to create a track. But it was really late at night so we didn’t record a good version of his voice. So the next day when he was gone I was like, ‘fuck it I’ll try it myself’. When I started doing it, I thought “yo this could actually be something” and that’s how this came about. I found out that I really enjoy singing now, so that was nice. Conceptually this track is like reminiscing over the whole roller coaster ride that has been the past year and mostly appreciating the people that helped you get through it and the hard times. The people who you are happy are part of your life.” – DROELOE

If this track is anything to go by we are in for quite a treat when this new ep drops next week, so stay tuned!

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