Disclosure jumped back into the limelight in May with a great new track called ‘Ultimatum‘, which also came with word that they were in-fact working on their third album – I’m sure a few fans started salivating over that

The boys have another new track for us this week, it’s called ‘Moonlight’ and it is a continuation of that same Afro-dance sound and style that we were treated to on ‘Ultimatum’. It’s an awesome track to have a good carefree dance to, and an ideal song to soundtrack your summer with.

“’Moonlight’ was written and arranged at Guy’s house, sampling Swedish a cappella group The Real Group’s cover of the classic ‘When I Fall in Love. We wanted to bring some Disclosure deep house chords and basslines to the forefront.” – Disclosure (via Billboard

Stream / Buy via: Island Records / PMR Records
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