Over the weekend UK project WITHOUT shared their latest future-beat crooner ‘Talking Bout Me’, featuring the dynamic voice of British/Irish choral-pop artist Empara Mi, and it is quite an interesting and engaging release.

WITHOUT have blended future-beat elements with moody electronica and RnB inspired production, while Empara Mi’s voice adds a kind of uplifting feel to the song, pulling it out of the darkness and into the light.

“Its something completely different from anything I’ve done but it still feels empowered and anthemic which is a theme I always try and keep in my own music. I like the way the song voices that frustration but equally that quiet confidence I think people feel when they believe in what they are doing. ‘You should be talking bout me, you will be talking bout me’. And I know people will be talking about them [WITHOUT] so there no irony lost there, either!” – Empara Mi

Stream & Buy via: The Peace
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