Following on from his most recent offering ‘Go’, Perth producer Ukiyo continues to make his mark on 2018 with ‘Clicky’ – a playful combination of enticing synths and grooving percussion that’ll get your head bopping instantly.

‘Clicky’ builds from humble beginnings through a central focus on the tight percussion that drives the infectious groove through the mix. As we progress through, Ukiyo carefully implements the intensified synth that stabs in and out of the soundscape whilst ensuring that the minimalistic fabric that lies within the track is not hindered. These elements increase their presence as we move through the piece, notably through the sharpness in the percussion that penetrates through each kick, that acts as a podium for the lightness in the sampled melody to take centre stage and provide a sense of buoyancy throughout.

‘Clicky’ is the latest offering from Ukiyo’s upcoming EP ‘Fantasy’ which is out July 25.

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