Reflecting on the fears and prejudices we all face on a day to day basis with an admirable honesty, Thoreau brings forth the latest snippet of his upcoming ‘Reflections’ EP in ‘Afraid’, a contemplative soundscape with resounding depth in the production that reflects the growing maturity and comfortability within the Denver producer.

Beginning with an ominous and brooding bass line combining with the commanding keys, these elements lay the perfect podium for Thoreau to command your attention to lay the question ‘What are you afraid of?’, immediately creating a bond with the listener and a relatability within the relationship. Thoreau continues to impose these questions with further emphasis, which is subtly created through the harmonised vocals unifying with the crisp beats that pierce through the mix.

In maintaining the central theme of conquering your fears, ‘Afraid’ beautifully outlays this message through a sense of positivity that is created within the infectious groove that is quite hard to ignore. This positivity spreads to Thoreau in discovering his own fears within the piece, in particular where he states ‘They say I kind of sound like Drake/Really I’m flattered at what they say/I see the honour and the pride being compared to the greats’. The message of taking the negativity out of statements and turning into a positive is to be admired, and such a message highlights a sense of maturity and comfortability in Thoreau that transcends well beyond his years.

Thoreau’s upcoming EP ‘Reflections’ is out August 23.

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