The Fitness teams up with Pony to release the EP ‘Pretty Muthafucka’, a high-energy techno release with plenty of fun and sex appeal.

The Fitness brings his production and Djing skills together with Pony, a cheeky, electrifying rapper, creating together this two-side EP.

The release also comes with a concept video that The Fitness explains, is more like a performance piece.

We want to bring together a group of unique, interesting, expressive and creative personalities that can embody the concept of a “pretty muthafucka”. We want to lead you to a place where your personality can shine and you can connect with others for one night. It’s almost a performance piece. We’re building a box, a framework within which improvisation, spontaneity and authenticity can come to the surface. We want to create a moment with you, for this one night that we all experience together. We’ll capture this journey on camera and showcase this story of a group of pretty motherfuckers. — The Fitness

Out now via: Crew Love Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


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