Fusing elements of R&B, pop and electronic music, Texas’ RVRB is carving out a lane of his own. His new single ‘EX’ is raw, heartbreaking and instantly enthralling.

The track features production that could be likened to a half tempo Post Malone release. The hi-cut filtering that takes place on the pads and bass give the track a very soothing vibe that can be appreciated by a wider audience. When asked about the track, RVRB explained that the new release is “the beginning of a rebirth for me.” A bitter heartbreak fuelled the song but also helped give RVRB the emotional release he needed to move on. As he puts it, “songwriting is usually never that easy, but pain is a great driving force behind art.”

Given the deeply personal nature of all of RVRB’s music, it comes as no surprise that he is also a one-man music machine, writing, producing and performing all of his releases. Each song gives us a glimmer into the mysterious act’s world. It’s going to be interesting to see where he goes from here.

If you are looking for a taste of something new, then sit back, relax and soak in this unique, genre blending track.

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