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Just a few weeks ago we launched our very own record label called Mammal Sounds Records, along with our debut release, ‘Blue Pill’ by Australian producer JVLY, and today we are very excited to share the label’s second release with you all!!

This dreamy, uplifting, electro-pop tune is called ‘Come Undone’, it is the latest single from a producer living the dream up in Byron Bay who goes by the name Laurel Laxxes, and it features the gorgeous voice of UK singer/songwriter Wren.

Nicholas (aka Laurel Laxxes) wrote the song in London last year while working at Quay West Studios on a scholarship he was given by Create NSW. While sitting in on a session with a country rock band one day, this idea began to form inside his mind, and he couldn’t wait to finish up so that he could get to work on fleshing it out.

“As soon as the session finished, I opened up my computer, made the beat for the chorus, and quickly got down a chord progression on the guitar. From there, the entire instrumental flowed out of me in a total of 30 minutes. It was one of those songs that came together so quickly and organically.” says Nicholas

A few days later he met Millie Claxon, aka Wren, and decided to show her this idea he’d been working on. Millie took to it straight away. She began to sing-along, building lyrics and melodies as she went, and Nicholas was totally hyped on the vibe that was unfolding.

“We had a quick chat about the imagery the instrumental provoked, and envisioned a European vibe of colourful coastlines, sailing boats, and love lost. We wanted to put a more positive spin on the typical “love lost” lyrical content, and instead approach it from a position of power, where you realised the person is not right for you, and you’re certain and infallible in your decision to finish the relationship. I quickly set up a mic and she improvised the entire song pretty much then and there and it was incredible.” – Nicholas 

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