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Daktyl teams up with NYC artist Janelle Kroll for his latest single ‘Oscillate’, which is also the final release of a three-track series he is doing via Counter Records, and it is certainly a good one to finish up with.

‘Oscillate’ follows on from ‘6 Letters‘ featuring Aquilo and ‘Weather‘ featuring MOONZz, and it is a beautifully, bouncy, warm and summery tune – if you crank up the volume and let it play out, it’s sure to brighten the moods of everyone around you.

“For me this song is about the internal struggle we all go through in making difficult decisions in life, we all oscillate between what we consider the right or wrong choice.. and it’s those choices that make up life. Sometimes what feels like the right choice at the time can be wrong, and vice versa. It’s that feeling of uncertainty contrasted with hope that the song stemmed from.” – Daktyl

Stream & Buy via: Counter Records
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