Hells yeah, this is ?

Yuksek and JD Samson have teamed up for a damn funky disco-dance track called ‘Don’t Even Try’, which I reckon means don’t even try to hold back to this one. Just let your body do whatever the hell it needs to do. Just go with it…..we can expect some remixes of this one pretty soon as well.

“Yuksek and I speak the same creative language. When you find that in a collaborator you don’t let it go. We did some sessions a few years back and he sculpted my vocal into a whole new character living in a whole new world. I am always amazed at the artist that he is. Both prolific and inspired, gentle and ecstatic.” – JD Samson

Stream / Buy via: YouTooCanWoo
Yuksek: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram
JD Samson: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram


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