Los Angeles artist VenessaMichaels has recently released a four-track ep called ‘FLIGHT’, and if we gave out “ep of the week” awards, this one would defintiely be this week’s winner.

The ep comfortably moves between a bunch of influential genres such as electro-RnB, hip-hop, pop and straight up dance, and helping her pull it all together are a few of her friends Outlaw the Artist, Effy and $K.

“We are almost never fully honest with the struggle of relationships in love, life, or work. Everything we care for takes effort and persistence to keep up, otherwise, it falls apart. FLIGHT is about the beginning, middle, and end; it’s the imperfections that make up the full piece. What a relationship is, is all perspective. Hope you enjoy the FLIGHT.” – VenessaMichaels

Stream / Buy: 2090 Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram


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