Los Angeles based songwriter and producer Unlike Pluto puts together two sentimental tracks which pluck your heartstrings and bring up nostalgic memories of being a reckless teen making memories. He explains how both tracks are about developing as an adolescent and trying new things, all of which experiences sum up the person who he has become today.

The two records on Unlike Pluto’s double-single, ‘Late Bloomer’ and ‘I Tried Getting High’ introduce us to a previously untouched sector of the artist’s musical taste and ability. ‘Late Bloomer’ gives off a wistful vibe full of recalling old memories of being young and dumb, while ‘I Tried Getting High’ presents itself as looking back on youthful experiences and learning from them. We can’t wait to see what Unlike Pluto has in store for us after listening to ‘Late Bloomer’ and the melancholy summertime impressions it put on our brains.

‘“Late Bloomer’ & ‘I Tried Getting High’ are two songs about growing up and trying new things (legal things & illegal things). All those experiences made me who I am today.” – Unlike Pluto 

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