‘Peace Out’ is the latest track from up & coming alternative trap producer Squired. The track is a unique spin on blending together future bass, hip-hop & trap. The attention to detail on the sound design is worth noting, as Squired displays a lot of unique sounds throughout the course of the song.

If you are in the mood for discovering a fresh blend of trap & dance music, then you need to give this track a listen.

“I started working on this track over a year ago when I was in a bit of a rut with music making. I had begun experimenting with some ideas around blending trap and dance music in something of a sonic departure from my earlier work. From there I sent it over to my friend the spaceman, who laid down some vocals and the rest was history. ‘Peace Out’ is really about pushing beyond all the obstacles and distractions that are in your way in order to achieve whatever it is you want – no matter what anyone is telling you!” — Squired

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