Toronto producer Pusher provides the ultimate anthem for regaining control in one’s life through ‘Sober’, a bright and bubbly blend of trap and pop that is amplified through the implementation of Soren Bryce on vocals.

‘Sober’ begins with an alluring vocal sample that immediately draws you in before easing the momentum of the track up a notch, allowing Soren Bryce the platform to deliver the empowering story through a hypnotizing delivery. Pusher depicts the message of regaining composure in your life through an uplifting composition full of lively synths and upbeat percussion that provides a glowing positivity around what can be a difficult area for many to comprehend. This leads into an emphatic drop full of colour and movement, courtesy of the vigorous synths combining with the vibrant percussion that echoes a uniqueness in the production levels of Pusher.

‘Sober’ is the first look into Pusher’s forthcoming ‘PAPERMAN’ EP, scheduled to be released October 19, 2018.

Buy/Stream via: Lowly Palace

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