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The affective dance tunes of LA based electronic trio Overjoy are exemplary manifestations of synergy that aptly reflect the circumstances which brought the outfit together, their latest single, ‘Same’ is no exception.

In 2013, DJ’s Métty & Hoff met while spinning at a club and soon began producing original compositions with singer-songwriter Alexis “Lex” Moraites under the moniker Overjoy, a name which revealed itself to Metty during a vision quest. ‘Same’ tells this story in its marriage of Lex’s psychedelic-pop style with infectious house beats and themes of existentialism and unity.

The track begins with an encirclement of percussive synths, forming the backdrop for a sensuous beat that brings Poolside to mind. Vocal cuts treated with a broken-radio filter enter the mix and disharmonize with the synth cascades, generating a tension that gives way to relief when these samples fade. But before that, Lex will quell most feelings of anxiety with her silky smooth timbre. Shakers and quavering electric guitar chords mark the pre-chorus as the synth runs are gradually subverted then volumised, climbing to a height from which the chorus can be dropped so that it plummets through an atmosphere of frozen reverb. During this fall, Lex touches on the universal experience of suffering: “You keep on running from the same, same thing, I only noticed cause I’m running the same way”.

The whole progression is so irresistibly good that you’ll want to hear it again, but you won’t be fully satisfied when the latter half of the song, with added subtleties, mirrors the former in refrain. No, this track is one to put on repeat, and the sense of solidarity that emerges from its message keeps it fresh and relevant no matter how many times you press play. 

“We all are searching, trying to find our identities, and figure out where they fit into the grand scheme of things. To each of us, this task seems especially personalized and unlike anyone else’s plight. We are trying to translate some peace of mind to our listeners, telling them we all go through the same damn thing.” — Lex


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