Now this is a cool collaboration.

US producer OTR has teamed up with Danish duo Blondage for his latest single ‘Cold Facts’ which is pushing all of the right buttons for me right now.

What can I say? Those smooth buoyant beats, reverby synths, slick production and those velvety vocal sounds are just doing it for me. Thanks guys!

“OTR made a killer remix of our song ‘Stoned’ last year and it was obvious that we should make a track together. When I heard the first demo for this song, the melodi and lyrics completely wrote itself. I love how the track bounces back and forth between great sensitivity and a powerful, liberating energy. Cold Fact is about breaking free from a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. And fiercely owning your transition. This song is bubbling with spring and a feeling of change.” – Blondage

Stream / Buy via: OTR
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