Mickey Kojak is back with a killer new track this week called ‘Get Out’, which is another fine display of this guy’s cool & quirky talent.

I always get a bit excited when I’m sent new music from Mickey Kojak, and I’ve gotta say this one hits the mark just nicely, and while it is in-fact his first original release for 2018, I bet you any monies that it won’t be his last.

“All of my music comes from a deeply personal space but I think now more than ever it’s become much more “honest” – very raw lyrically with a soundscape to match. The catalyst for Get Out was the struggles of being in a long-term relationship that isn’t working, realising that the easiest option to resolving a problem isn’t always the best option. Once that hard decision has been made and you call it quits, no matter how civil it may have been, things become turbulent sooner or later. Get Out is that story playing out in song form. In the song itself, everything has been stripped down to the bare essentials so the message of the song has a suitable platform.” – Mickey Kojak

Stream / Buy via: ALT:Vision Records
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