Uk songstress Lily Allen will be releasing a new album later this week called ‘No Shame’, and over the weekend she revealed this cute little electro-pop treat titled ‘Lost My Mind’, while also kicking off quite a sizeable European tour in London which takes her right through until December.

In all honesty I’m not a huge Lily Allen, but this new track has certainly peeked my interest in hearing what the rest of this new album holds. Nice work Lily!

“I believe that we as humans work through things by talking about them, and that’s what making music is, for me. It’s sharing things that you hope are going to connect with people, not that are going to connect with algorithms. I think we are so led by outside forces in terms of the way we express ourselves nowadays, because we’re so scared of what comes back. It’s something I’ve always wanted to explore. It’s why I went into it at the beginning, when it felt a lot more free.” – Lily Allen 

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