‘Blue Pill’ is the latest offering from Australian producer JVLY, featuring the gorgeous voice of Sydney artist SARAI, it is also the debut release for the launch of Mammal Sounds Records.

JVLY teamed up with Mammal Sounds for their publicity services back in 2016 to help with the release of his debut single ‘Unravel’, which has proved to be a solid breakthrough release for the Aussie newcomer with over 1.3 million streams on Spotify alone.

In late 2017, JVLY finished working on his debut ep “Ache”, and before the year’s end he released two exceptional lead-singles, ‘Void (ft. SARAI)‘ and ‘Namek (ft. Chester Watson)‘. These two tracks set the scene just perfectly for the debut collection, which hit the stores in January 2018 and has since received much attention for its moody, psychedelic-electro sounds.

JVLY’s new single ‘Blue Pill’ comes with a refreshing blast of upliftingly buoyant, electro-RnB/pop sounds. He’s crafted a warm & inviting playground for us all to relax and settle into, while SARAI caresses and comforts with her gorgeously layered Little Dragon-esque vocal sounds.

“‘Blue Pill’ came together really effortlessly, I spent a couple of days putting the instrumental together with help from the old dx7. When I write, a lot of the time it seems to turn out kind of sad, and I really didn’t want this song to be like that. I had an idea for a concept so I asked Sarai to be a part of it (she was a big part of my debut EP ‘Ache’). We always seem to have a synergy when it comes to collaborating, and it was the same with ‘Blue Pill’. She brought so much life to it.” says JVLY

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