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2018 has already been a year for Benji Lewis with his debut appearance at SXSW in Austin Texas, relocating to Los Angeles, and the impending release of his third ep, ‘Together Apart’.

Benji Lewis originally started writing this song a while ago, with the intention of having one of his good friends feature on, but they couldn’t get their hectic schedules to align. The idea was put aside until he went into the studio with his buddy Golden Vessel to work on his next ep, and that’s when the beautiful uplifting sounds of ‘Us Again’ came to be.

“I had already sent Max (Golden Vessel) some vocal ideas, and he was super keen to work on this one; freshening it up & getting it finished. By the end we changed out the chorus, and I wrote the final outro verse in Brisbane as well. The song is about wanting to be in the same space as the other person, breathing in the same air, being able to look into their eyes, and have them look at you in the same way. It’s about wanting to have that again, and feel all of things that come just from being around them.” he said.” – Benji Lewis

‘Us Again’ is the second single off Benji Lewis’ upcoming third ep ‘Together Apart’, and if this is anything to go by we sure are in for another treat from this talented Australian.

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Just recently Benji Lewis also shared this cool behind the scenes video of his trip to SXSW, soundtracked by the new ep’s lead single ‘DEEP BLUE’.

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