It’s been a slow but sure drop into winter; everything feels a little slower, a little quieter, we’re all winding down and bunkering down. For a promoter, it means less dancers on the floor, and so a change of tact is required. For the people of Cakes Wines Cellar Door that change of tact comes in the form of Vivd Music: Music for Brunch. The subdued Sunday boogie is nothing new for the Cakes Wines crew but for this edition, featuring Suzanne Kraft & Jonny Nash, all the pieces fell into place for a hugely successful event.

Hani Hanbali (Ear to Ears) kicked off the morning, an ambitious 10:30am start, gently easing in the crowd as brunch was had and mimosas passed as a breakfast juice. By the time Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash came on, the room was stuffy and crowded, eager to get a little cheeky on a Sunday afternoon. Both artists release rather ambient music, their recent collaborative LP ‘Passive Aggressive’ was a strong nod to Brian Eno and the like, but their record collection for the event was anything but. The two played luscious, cheesy jazz, funk from the 70s, like David Gates’ ‘Lorilee’, and as the day moved on, obscure and quirky disco. By the end the crowd danced to hints of 90s UKG and breakbeat, any notion of a conventional Sunday was dispelled. The guys played together seamlessly, regularly and accurately reading the room. They gave us what we wanted and as only great DJs do, what we didn’t know we wanted.

The venue, artists and music combined to create an event for a niche crowd, but hey, not everything has to be for everyone, especially when this event suited the niche Sydney crowd to a tee. It was a chance to be unapologetically sophisticated and stylish, spend some hard earned cash on chilled Pinot, and listen to some, at times sophisticated funk, but overall just damn good music.

Artist Connect Suzanne Kraft: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |Website

Artist Connect Jonny Nash: Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp


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