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Melbourne artist Oscar Key Sung will be releasing his brand new ‘No Disguise’ ep in May, which is said to have been written while travelling through Los Angeles, Mexico City and Berlin, and this week he’s giving us the very first taste with the sweetly, smooth sounds of ‘Simple Luv’.

“Simple Luv is a Naive and hopeful manifestation spell. I intended to conjure all I want by imagining it clearly in a song. It is implicit in the song that I have been lost: “tunnels without a light”. But for no smart reason I still believe there is a veritable garden of Eden waiting just beyond. When I say “watch it all back like flash”, it is a reference to the movie “Tampopo” where a charter explains that when we die a kaleidoscope of our best memories plays before our eyes like a film in our final breath. Like flash.” – Oscar Key Sung

I’m already so keen for this ep, but Oscar Key Sung will also be hitting the roads in May/July for an “AU/NZ Tour” – see the dates below then click here for all ticketing info

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