Los Angeles based artist and viral sensation Oliver Tree releases his first single off the heels of his critically acclaimed EP, ‘Alien Boy’, debuting at a stellar #5 on the iTunes charts. ‘Movements’ reminds me of the nights when you just need to let your feelings loose as they encroach the mind. From the depths of an inner consciousness, Oliver Tree brings together a variety of genres, from alt-rock to deep house to borderline dubstep, proclaiming, “I’m rising, I’m coming up.”

We’ve known this for a while now after witnessing his speedy rise to internet stardom from the fusion of unique, millennial-appealing music and meme-full branding. Earlier in 2018, Oliver even collaborated with meme curator Fuck Jerry to create original content for the brand’s widely popular Instagram page. Oliver Tree is on a mission to break the boundaries of music, so brace yourselves for the outrageous antics and imaginative sounds to come from this up and coming era-defining star.

Stream / Buy via: Atlantic Records
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