After notching some considerable song writing credits to her name for the likes of Jesse McCartney as well as achieving #1 slot on the iTunes Dance Chart, Los Angeles based Molly Moore brings forth ‘Third Eye High’ – a four track ep delving into the worlds of dark pop and electronica that culminate into quite the impressive offering.

‘Third Eye High’ commences through the dark and brooding ‘Tough Love’. Commencing with a quivering synth, it isn’t long before the darkness encapsulates the core of the track through a deep kick drum and the menacing bass, setting the podium for the charismatic melodies of Moore to enthral us in her tales of heartache. The ‘warped’ sense of the track lingers throughout the duration courtesy of a sample that lies in the background that adds a psychotic later to the mix.

We move forth into a pop direction through the delightful ‘No Stress’. From early on we can draw comparisons to a Dua Lipa’s ‘I Can Be The One’, which is evident in the keys striking through the ambiance created within the atmospheric pads. Moore cleverly builds the intensity within the utilisation of several harmonies that crescendo into an emphatic ‘drop’ whereby horns combine with quite the colourful percussion that results in an uplifting energy that you simply can’t resist tapping your feet to.

‘Catch and Release’ takes a step back in the momentum, whilst attaining an impressive amount of groove. Various elements come into play within this track that when isolated speak volumes of the instrumentation tactics utilised by Moore. Whether it be the smoothness within the bassline, the crispness that lies in the percussion, the numerous synths splashing copious amounts of colour or the perfection that lies in both the harmonized and double vocals, ‘Catch and Release’ brilliantly blends all these sections without compromising on one another, and results in a depth defying display within the production of the track that must be acknowledged for its mastery.

We round out ‘Third Eye High’ with a clever blend of ‘staccato pop’ that lies within ‘Lighten Up’. As the name suggests, Moore compiles the instrumentation in a light-natured manner that does not overbear the mix. From a simplistic nature in the introductory section of the track that is centred around the snaps in the percussion, the track transcends into a staccato filled delight in the chorus full of emphasis and character that is accentuated further through implementation of the smooth guitar combining with the synths.

Overall Molly Moore delivers an impressive EP full of concise production within the realms of electronic and pop, combined with a mastery in charismatic melodies that enthral you from the word go.

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One thought on “Molly Moore – ‘Third Eye High EP’ [Review]

  1. Minky says:

    Beautiful track it is 🙂

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