Toronto based artists Jutes and Benny Mayne lay intense, stirring vocals on an aggressive instrumental, brewing an alternative blend between R&B and Dark Pop. From the depths of the exciting Canadian city, the pair of artists give off their ‘attitude’ by spitting bars on the tumbling and rumbling instrumental. The aggressive lyrics are centred around asking a woman why she’s changed her behaviour since moving to LA, turning into a jaded gold-digger with an attitude. The relationship between the woman and man are characterised as your typical struggle of love, except she’s caught in between a world with her heart-strung love and a Los Angeles cliché.

Jutes and Benny Mayne have both seen tremendous growth in the past year, globalising their brands and spreading their influence outside their Canadian confines. After releasing songs like “Pretty When You Cry” and “Everything,” produced by Tarro, Jutes was placed on a variety of high-tier Spotify playlists and began to disrupt the industry from there. Benny Mayne has started the long journey in the music industry with the artist management powerhouse behind NGHTMRE, SLANDER, and Rickyxsan, Prodigy Artists. Following his viral, R&B charting debut release ‘bounce,’ Benny has ridden the waves to the shore with each subsequent release getting him closer and closer.

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Jutes: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram
Benny Mayne: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram


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