This is the concert young females and all those who felt under represented needed. To some, they were there to see either R&B songstress Kehlani, or rough as guts pop rocket Halsey. Well I consider it a double headliner.

Women in music are at the forefront right now, and these two young and empowered women put on a show to remind each and every one of us that we have a voice, we are important and that we are warriors.

This was an evening where music was a vessel to connect those in attendance – who let me tell you were die-hard fans of these two women – to their true identity and purpose. It was such a beautiful thing to be surrounded by young kids, teenagers, guys, girls, those who don’t identify, and parents, singing every single lyric and pining over ever moment.

What became increasingly clear to me is that the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour combined Halsey’s innate ability to entertain but also use her platform to inspire.

“Let this be a reminder that you are a lover, you crave touch, a smile, affection from those who you love. You want that love returned. You sometimes just want someone to say that everything is going to be okay. You are a fucking warrior and wherever you were when you heard these songs, well you’re in a much better place now. I think I am too, so thank you,” Halsey said.

If that gives you even the slightest insight into how symbolic a moment like this was for Halsey, Kehlani and their fans, multiply it by 10. The Arena was ablaze with emotion and pure joy, and while there was structural awkwardness throughout the performance, it really didn’t matter. With Halsey debuting a freshly died black head of hair, and a contagious confidence, the show was a knockout.

“Don’t be what others want you to be. You come first. You don’t belong to anyone other than yourself,” Halsey said.

These two women have played a part in the soundtrack to our lives, and every time we press play on their music we allow ourselves the moment to connect and also reflect.


Please Note: Due to an incident in New Zealand, all photographers in Melbourne were for forbidden to take photos. Our apologies to our photographer and to you.

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