Danny Harley AKA The Kite String Tangle has always been a favourite of mine, creating electronic music that is euphoric and uplifting. This latest track is a shift in his production sound, moving closer to an orchestral base, which makes total sense considering his upcoming collaboration with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra later this month for Wave Festival.

‘The Heights of Trees’ is a beautiful moment in TKST’s career as it shows a much gentler side to his nature, and the video allows him to open up physically in a very simplistic way.

“I wrote the skeleton of this song probably two years ago, possibly more. It’s one of those ones that kept coming back to me and is essentially about being frustrated by the monotony that everyday life can bring, and trying to create change, even turbulence, in your own life”.

The news of this track comes with the release of a one-off mini album, ‘The Kite String Tangle Presents: In a Desperate Moment’ which drops today. It was created as an outlet for Harley’s other musical side showcasing more of his talents at a piano or guitar.

The mini album includes an array of family and friends playing a range of instruments. Harley’s sisters’ string quartet played all the strings on the album, which also features saxophone, trumpet and a large amount of flugelhorn horn played by good friends. The album was developed over countless studio hours, and also features weird and wonderful toys, tapes, and trinkets.

The mini album is a must listen and the video below, a must watch.

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